5 Places You Can Still Buy a Nexus One

nexu one announcement

In a recent blog post, Google confirms that it will no longer be selling the Android powered Google Nexus One on it’s online store, the only place where the phone has been available since launch earlier this year. However you will still be able to buy the phone from their current stock until it is depleted the phone will only be available from Vodafone in Europe, KT, and Korea…which means that if you are in the US and want to get your hands on the Nexus One you’ll have to check out one of the sites in the list below.

Know of other places you can find the Nexus One? Please share in the comments section below.

1. eBay ($100-$800)


As with all electronics on eBay, the range of prices is very broad. Some people bundle the phone with cases, additional memory cards, and other goodies that drive up the price. Overall it seems that you will find a Nexus One on eBay for about $400-$650 which depends greatly on the phone’s condition so keep an eye on the description and the seller ratings.

2. Amazon ($649)


Using Amazon I was able to find a Nexus One for sale from J&R Music and Computer World. The phone is $649 + Shipping.

3. MobileCityOnline.com ($649)


I also found Nexus One phones at MobileCityOnline.com a reputable online retailer. The phone is $649 + Shipping.

4. Android Market Developer Website (Not Listed)


As Google mentioned on their announcement, the Nexus One will be available to developers from the Android Market developer page. Before posting this I only saw the standard Android Dev Phone 2 listed so I guess the Nexus One will be listed at a later date.

5. Nexus One Home Page (limited time only $179-$529)


If you’re looking to get a Nexus One direct from Google without a developer account, hurry over to the Google Nexus One Page before they run out. You will have the option of buying an unlocked phone or a phone at a reduced price for T-mobile.