5 Free Themes to Jazz Up Your Windows 7 Desktop

Wouldn’t you want to customize your Windows 7 Desktop with tons of free themes to suit your taste? In Windows 7 you have the option to customize your own theme or to download official theme packs from Microsoft and unofficial theme packs from others. Theme packs consist of background images/wallpapers, color schemes, and sounds that reflect the theme in use.

The recent release of Bing’s Best 2 theme prompted me to write about some of my favorite official themes. I only list my favorites, but there are many more. I hope you find these themes as interesting as I do and that you take advantage of the free resources provided by Microsoft.

Note: If you don’t know how to add a theme you’ve downloaded for Windows 7, simply click on the theme pack you downloaded and it should automatically open the personalization window and apply the theme pack selected.

Bing’s Best 2 Theme Pack


Frogs, the Andes, Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona, Spain’s Basque region, and 17 more backgrounds will showcase Bing’s most popular images in the past couple of months.

Download theme from Microsoft.

Avatar Theme Pack


If you enjoyed James Cameron’s Avatar in theaters, chances are you will enjoy scenes from the film on your Windows 7 desktop. Did I mention that the Hallelujah Mountains are also included?

Download theme from Microsoft.

NASA Hidden Universe Theme Pack


This theme pack is a stargazers delight. The theme uses photographs taken by the infrared imaging of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. In these image set you will find some high resolution images of the Orion Nebula and much more.

Download theme from Microsoft.

Coca Cola Happiness Factory Theme Pack


If you’re looking for creative inspiration, then this is the theme for you. It is based on Coca Cola’s successful Super Bowl Commercial (YouTube video link).

Download theme from Microsoft.

Bing’s Best (Original)


If you like Bing’s Best 2 theme pack listed above, then you are going to love the original Bing theme pack that was released October of last year. Theme pack contains Bing’s most popular images.

Download theme from Microsoft.

If you are looking for more themes to customize your Windows 7 Desktop, visit Microsoft’s Personalization Gallery.

Update 7/14/2010 – The Bing team has just announced a new Bing’s Best Japan Theme. Download the theme from Microsoft.