YouTube Video Annotations Updated

With the success of YouTube annotations, the popular feature that allows YouTubers to add annotations to their videos, launched just 2 years ago, received a much needed facelift. The YouTube team has launched several enhancements aimed at making the annotating experience simpler, among the enhancements you will find:

A brand new annotation editor – A new side panel includes all of the annotating tools to streamline the creation of annotations.


New annotation type – “Title” – Title annotations enable overlaying headlines, videos titles, credits and other “big text” on top of your video, just like you would with professional video editing tools.


New Font size options – You can now select from a combined set of six font sizes.

New color options – Annotations are now available in 16 background colors and 14 font colors.


Overall these updates make it easier to create and manage annotations in YouTube videos, all we need now is the ability to export annotations so that they can be applied to other videos. YouTube are you listening?