Weekly Wallpaper: Celebrate Wildflower Week

    If you are a botanist or you simply love flowers and trees, you are going to love this week’s collection of wallpapers. This week we are celebrating National Wildflower Week.

    One of the ways you can observe National Flower Week is by becoming familiar with wildflowers in your area. Check out the Wildflower.org website for more information.

    Here’s a guide to change your wallpaper in Windows and Mac.

    Red Maple

    Wildflower week red maple

    Download wallpaper / Image credit Erik van den Ham.

    Butterfly Weed

    Wildflower week butterfly weed

    Download wallpaper / Image credit Wallpaper Times.

    Sea Myrtle

    Wildflower week sea myrtle

    Download wallpaper / Image credit The Flower Pot.

    French Mulberry

    Wildflower week french mulberry

    Download wallpaper / Image credit HSV-Life.

    Swamp Lily

    Wildflower week swamp lily

    Download wallpaper / Image credit Hochman Photography.

    All images credited to respective photographers/sites, please note that some of the images are copyrighted and may require permission/purchase for you to download.