Weekly Wallpaper: 5 Cool Technical Wallpapers

    If you are a huge fan of technical drawings and designs you are going to love this week’s collection of wallpapers for your computer.

    I’ve put together a list of five DeviantArt wallpapers that will make your computer’s background look like something out of the Matrix or Stargate, so make sure to check out the wallpapers below.

    Here’s a guide to change your wallpaper in Windows and Mac.

    L I T H

    Technical wallpapers

    Download wallpaper / Image credit dreamwa1ker.

    Goldrush Wallpaper Remix

    Technical wallpapers a

    Download wallpaper / Image credit Phektion.

    System Force Japan

    Technical wallpapers b

    Download wallpaper / Image credit Homeryulo.

    Sub-Merge Mode 01

    Technical wallpapers c

    Download wallpaper / Image credit silvatrez.


    Technical wallpapers d

    Download wallpaper / Image credit silvatrez.

    All images credited to respective DeviantArt users, please note that some of the images are copyrighted and may require permission/purchase for you to download.