Weekly App: Get a Glimpse of the Past’s Future with Biblion

    Biblion app of the week ipad

    If you are a history buff or enjoy a little science fiction you are going to fall in love with Biblion for the iPad. Think of the Biblion App as a time capsule where you will be able to explore the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair on your iPad.

    The app will provide you with access to the New York Public Library’s archives surrounding the World’s Fair.This includes pictures, manuscripts, audio, films, and essays.

    Here’s a list of features you will find in this awesome app:

    • Read original essays from writers such as Karen Abbott, William Grimes, Henry Jenkins, Elliott Kalan, and others.
    • View General Motors’ Futurama ride, in full color.
    • Explore the development of the Fair’s design.
    • Learn about the fate of the Czechoslovakia Pavilion after the country was invaded by Hitler.
    • Discover what was buried inside the Westinghouse Time Capsule.
    • Fly from story to story, charting your own journey through the stack.

    The best part is that all the content is organized and accessed in stacks so it makes it real easy to navigate the content without feeling lost.

    Biblion app of the week ipad a

    This app is the first in a series aimed at opening up the library’s archive to the public for free. So head on over to the App store and download a copy for the iPad.

    Download the New York Public Library Biblion App free from the App Store.