Get the Vista Sidebar on Your Windows XP Machine

I found this article on Tech-Recipes demonstrating how to get the Windows Vista Sidebar on Windows XP and thought this would be nice addition to my desktop. After following the steps on the installation I found myself going from one site to the other to gather the files so that I can get the install to work correctly. After about 20 Minutes of copying/pasting going to one website then the other I finally got my sidebar working. I thought to myself, “I need to make this easy for the average Joe that wants to install this,” so I decided to package all the files into one file, that automatically extracts all the necessary files to your computer and executes the patch for you all you have to do is click on patch and run the sidebar application. Thanks to all those who posted these files online for everyone to download. Follow the link to the guide, it’s a 1 pager….enjoy!

Link to Guide
Link to Installer
Link to Installer in French