How to Upgrade From MCSE Windows 2003 to Windows 2008



If you are looking for a career in IT industry, Microsoft certifications can be one of the best options. Microsoft certified professionals have excellent career in various organized. However, there are some requirements and pre-requisites for these certifications which the aspirants have to meet. If you pass the examination, this will indicate that you are possessing the required skills to handle the proper functioning of Windows based servers and the systems in the environment in networking. You will be put in the different category of technical specialists known as Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Microsoft has been known for launching the updates from time to time. If you are looking for the certifications to upgrade to the latest Windows 2008 server examination; you must know that Exam 70-649 has been designed for the IT professionals holding MCSE on Windows server 2003 certification. This also requires you to have the experience in real time environment. You must have worked in the complex computing environment of large organizations. The pre-requisite for this exam is Windows Server 2003 so that you can upgrade to Windows Server 2008. Without passing this exam, you will not be able to view the credits for the resulting certifications. However, the transcript will show that you have qualified the examination.

Apart from this, you must possess one year experience of administering and implementing a network operating system in the large organizations having following characteristics:

  • Organization must have more than 250 users
  • It must have more than three physical locations
  • The organization must have network services and resources including database, messaging, a proxy server, file and print, Internet, a firewall, remote access, intranet and client computer management.
  • Some connectivity requirements including connecting various branches of organizations, individual users connecting via remote locations to the corporate network and connecting various networks in the networks to the internet

Image Courtesy Torkildr.