Keep Track of Your Every Move with Google Maps for Android


Keeping track of your every move has been possible before with Google Maps, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of detail in terms of your location. Now with the release of Google Maps 5.3 for Android, you now have the ability to view your location history right on your phone. You can now see where you’ve been and for how long as well as the distance you’ve traveled, directly from your Android device.

In addition to this new feature, you can also now set your home location and let people know when you’re there. Your location is strictly kept private, so you don’t have to worry about the wrong people knowing where you live. Only let your friends and family know when you’re at home.

The final new feature added to Google Maps 5.3 is the ability to add your own personalized ratings for a specific place. Previously, Google Maps would pull data from reviews to figure out different aspects of a restaurant or business. Now you can add your own custom ratings for businesses and locations such as the type of food, what type of services a business does or any other kind of input you’d like to add to the rating.