Run Your Favorite Open-Source OS with Free VirtualBoxes

If you are looking for a way to run virtually any open-source operating system and you use VirtualBox, will become and indispensable resource. Whenever you are in the mood to try out a new OS you can forget about having to go through installation menus, configurations, and all the headaches associated with installing a new virtual OS.

The folks at aim to make it easy to try out any open-source OS by hosting the latest build of all open-source operating systems for FREE. All you have to do is download the image for the distribution you wish to run, register the image using their nifty registertimage tool, and run the virtual machine in VirtualBox. That’s it.

Visit to download your favorite distribution images and make sure to check out the list of distributions you can download below.


Fedora running on Mac OS.

List of Available Distributions

GNU/Linux (GNU userland tools running on top of the Linux kernel)

  • Archlinux
  • CentOS
  • Damn Small Linux
  • Debian
  • DeLi Linux
  • Dreamlinux
  • Fedora
  • Fluxbuntu
  • Gentoo
  • gNewSense
  • gOS
  • Kubuntu
  • and more…

GNU/OpenSolaris Distributions

  • OpenSolaris
  • Nexenta
  • GNU/FreeBSD
  • Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

BSD Distributions

  • FreeBSD

Other Distributions

  • AROS
  • FreeDOS
  • Haiku
  • ReactOS
  • Android-x86

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