Rent Your Next Notebook from Google


In today’s society, everything is on the web, from word processors to photo albums. Google understands this and is looking into the future with a new type of notebook called the Chromebook. Chromebook doesn’t require an operating system, nor does it ever need manually updated. Chromebook is just a computer built for a browser. Chromebooks have about a days’ worth of battery on a single charge and can run all sorts of different apps. Think of it as an iPad, but better.

Chromebooks will be available online June 15, in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Chromebooks will be first available on Amazon and Best Buy online; no word yet on the pricing though. Companies like Samsung and Acer will have models available on the release date, with hopefully more in the future.

Chromebooks are also available for Businesses and Schools. They will be available on month to month subscriptions starting at $28/user for businesses and $20/user for schools. Check out the video below for a short overview of the Chromebook: