AT&T Customers Get a Free March Madness App for Their Mobile Phones


With March Madness around the corner, many are probably looking for the best way to stay updated on scores, game dates, and other information that may not be readily available. You could easily go online and find the answers or waste your time waiting for the scores to show up on ESPN. But what about when you’re at your friend’s house or at a restaurant that doesn’t have either of these data feeds? Have no worries, there’s a quick, easy and mobile way to get updates right through your AT&T phone.

AT&T in a partnership with the NCAA has released a new free NCAA Fan Zone March Madness app available to AT&T customers with smartphones. The app allows you to chat with other users and share your opinions about your favorite teams while giving you the latest rankings, scores and other team news. You can also create private groups and invite your friends to chat amongst each other or you can decide to make everything public and make your Fan Zone posts be also posted on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The app is now available and you can access it by downloading it or by texting BB to 483353 on your AT&T phone.