How to Use Google Grab to Find Your Favorite Pictures

View Tutorial I really like Google’s Image Search, however when I’m searching for a specific picture I hate having to go through each page trying to find what I’m looking for. Well, I stumbled upon a little porgram – Google Grab developed by SAS21 which allows you to do image searches and download the results to a folder on your hard drive. I started using this tool and must admit that it is amazing! I absolutely love it. You type in a search phrase set the sizes of the files you wish to download and in a couple of seconds you’ll have a folder with that search phrase full of pictures. The best part of Google Grab is that it does not require installation (great addition to your memory key’s list of programs). Below you will see a little How-to on using this software as well as an example I ran for you to see how effective the program is. As always comments/suggestions are welcome.

1. Download Google Grab and extract

2. The program requires no installation, so find the extracted files and run googlegrab2.0.exe

3. A window will open with several options;

Search for: Input what you’re looking for

Limit Downloads to: Limit the number of image downloads

Image Preview: Gives you a preview of the image being downloaded

Image Size: I’m not sure what each of these resolutions are but setting it to L, XL, XXL yielded the nicest images

Child Save: Filter to keep adult content out of search results

Running Searches: List the searches being run

Quit: If you wish to quit the program

4. Once you’ve made your selections and do a search, a folder with that search phrase will appear in the directory where you intially extracted Google Grab.

5. Enjoy!