How to Optimize Your Internet Connection

Your computer has the ability of being tweaked to increase performance while browsing. This is often achieved bu the use of thrid-party applications that cache websites, which in turn can take up space, another method used involves manually tweaking the registry which to most is a dreaded task (a mishap can cost you your current installations’ stability). I found a very safe and useful application that edits the registry and other settings without allowing the user to mess it up.

Speed Guide’s TCP Optimizer does just that, the small program requires no install, so nothing is added to your machine, you simply run it and adjust it so that it can optimize your browsing experience. For setup follow the instructions below, if you prefer a visual guide click on the ‘pic tutorial’ link at the begining of this article.

Warning: Before proceeding you should back up your computer just to be safe.

Use the appropriate guide for instructions to backup your computer.

To view the guide, click on the pic tutorial link -> View Tutorial

1. Download TCP Optimizer from Speed

2. Adjust your speed by moving the bar from left to right.

3. Select the Network Adapter you wish to optimize.

4. Make sure that Optimal Settings is checked.

5. Click Apply and Restart your computer!