How to Create Scrap Files in Windows XP

View Tutorial Scrap files allow you to transfer selected data from on program to the other. Let’s say there is an address that I would like to save for later use in a Word document I’m currently working on. Instead of creating another word document, I can simply hihglight the text (in this case the address) and drag it to my desktop or any other folder where I want to store it. This in turn will automatically create a file on your selected location with the information you selected. It is a nifty feature a lot of Office users are unaware of. To learn to use this feature simply follow the steps below.I must admit that sometimes I can be rather lazy…lazy to the point that I wont go to the start menu to shut off my computer, I rather have a button on my desktop that is always accesible that allows me to turn of my computer the minute I double-click it. Below you will find instructions on how to create such a shortcut on your desktop. You can also view the one pager by clicking on the pic tutorial icon. As always comments/suggestions are always welcome.

1. Select the text which you wish to save and drag it to your desktop.

2. A file named ‘Scrap‘ will be placed on your desktop.

3.When you open the ‘Scrap‘ file, what you initially selected and dragged onto the desktop will appear.