How to Create a Shutdown Shortcut on Your Desktop

View Tutorial I must admit that sometimes I can be rather lazy…lazy to the point that I wont go to the start menu to shut off my computer, I rather have a button on my desktop that is always accesible that allows me to turn of my computer the minute I double-click it. Below you will find instructions on how to create such a shortcut on your desktop. You can also view the one pager by clicking on the pic tutorial icon. As always comments/suggestions are always welcome.

1. Right-click your Dekstop Computer and select New > Shortcut from the drop down menu

2. In the browse box type: SHUTDOWN -s -t 01, click Next

3. Type a desired name for your shortcut, click Finish

4. After completing this step, you should have a new shortcut on your desktop that allows you to shut down your computer by simply clicking on it.

5. When done verify function of the shortcut by double-clicking on it.