How to Stream Videos from iTunes to Your Apple TV

iOS devices aren’t the only ones that stream videos to the Apple TV, the latest version of iTunes allows Apple TV owners to stream videos to Apple TV’s much like audio was streamed in previous versions. The Apple TV should be able to play all videos iTunes can play. The guide below will show you how to stream videos from iTunes to your Apple TV.

Software/Hardware used: Apple TV and iTunes 10.1.

Stream Videos from iTunes to Your Apple TV

Note: Make sure the Apple TV is on the same network as the computer running iTunes and that AirPlay is enabled on the Apple TV.


1. While playing the video, click on the AirPlay icon next to the playback controls.

2. Select the Apple TV you wish to stream the video to from the list.

When you are done streaming click on the AirPlay icon to bring the video back to iTunes.

Note: You can only stream to one device at a time.