How to Print iCal Calendars in Mac OS X


Just the other day I needed to print a monthly calendar in Mac OS X and realized that I had never done it before.

When I opened the print dialog box I was amazed at the number of options available to print a calendar in iCal.

So I decided to write this guide to help others navigate all of the calendar printing options available for iCal in Mac OS X Lion.

How to Print iCal Calendars in Mac OS X

Print ical calendars mac os

1. With iCal as the active application, click File from the Menu Bar and then click Print from the menu that appears.

When the Print dialog box opens you will find that you have a slew of options to help customize the calendar you are printing.

Print ical calendars mac os a

In this section we will review all of the options available.

A. The first two options determine which type of calendar you wish to print and the type of paper you are printing on.

The options are as follows:

  • View: Day, Week, Month, List, Selected Events.
  • Paper: US Letter and other standard formats.

B. Time Range allows you to specify the range of time you wish to include in the calendar you are printing. The range is set by choosing a start month and an end month.

C. You also have the option of specifying which calendars to include in the print. This is great if your life revolves around multiple calendars.

D. Options for the Calendar:

  • All-day events: Allows you to include all-day events in the calendar.
  • Timed events: Allows you to include timed events in the calendar.
  • Mini Calendar: Will print a small calendar on the top-right portion of the calendar page. The mini calendar will include previous, current and next month.
  • Calendar keys:  Think of it as your calendar’s legend. It will list the calendars you are displaying on the calendar you are printing.
  • Black and white: Prints your calendar in black and white.
  • Text size: Determines the text size used for the calendar.

2. When you are ready to print the calendar click Continue.

The print prompt will appear. Select the printer you wish to use and click Print.

Once you have successfully printed the calendar, experiment with other options to see how the calendar options influence the look of the calendar.

Remember that you can preview any changes you make real-time.

Software/Hardware used: iCal running on Mac OS X Lion.