How to Improve Your Music with the iPad’s Equalizer

Does your music library on your iPad contain more than one genre? If so, you can customize the equalizer settings on your iPad to match the kind of music played on the iPod app. This will help your music sound better and please audiophiles that own the iPad. Unfortunately there is no way to change the equalizer within the iPod App, so if you wish to change it each time the music genre changes, you will have to revisit this section in Settings.

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Change the iPad’s Equalizer

Change iPad Equalizer

1. Tap on Settings in the Home Screen.

Change iPad Equalizer

2. Tap on iPod in the Settings pane.

3. Tap on EQ in the iPod pane to the right.

Change iPad Equalizer

4. The EQ (equalizer) list will appear, tap on the type of music you will be playing on your iPad to enhance the sound using the equalizer settings you chose.