Hotmail Takes Full Advantage of IE9’s Site Pinning Features


Hotmail, the webmail application put out by Microsoft is now becoming more of a desktop program when used with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. If you weren’t aware, Windows 7 has a pinning feature which allows you to “pin” programs to your taskbar for quick use. Some applications have certain features and options you can make directly from the taskbar, without even having the program open on your screen.

Now IE9 has adopted these pinning features for Hotmail, making it seem more like a desktop email client, rather than a webmail client. Within the taskbar you can go to the Hotmail Home, Inbox, Calendar, Contacts or even go directly to sending an email. Just simply right click on the pinned site to get direct access to the pinning features. When Hotmail is pinned it will also inform you when you have new messages, so you don’t have to constantly check your browser for new Hotmail messages.

To pin a website simply drag it from the IE9 window to your taskbar. Many other sites can use the pinning features when used with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 like eBay, Groupon, CNN, Facebook and many others.What are you doing to take advantage of site pinning in Internet Explorer 9?