Happy Fourth of July 2009

Virtues Task Planner Ben Franklin

Today we celebrate 233 years of Independence as Americans. I think that today instead of focusing solely on the fireworks and the barbecue, we ought to take some time to read and learn a little more about our nations history. I think that there are quite a few Americans that don’t realize the blood and sweat that was shed to form this great nation. Below I will include some links from different sites around the net with information about our history along with a list of books I’ve read on the subject.

I hope that this weekend you enjoy the freedom and liberty that has been passed down from generation to generation and that God bless America.

Some Information

Independence Day – July 4th, 1776

Declaration of Independence – image/transcript

Constitution of the United States Image/transcript

The Bill of Rights image/transcript

Information about the United States of America

CIA World FactBook on America

National Archives Databases

American History from USA.gov

Military History from USA.gov