Google Street View Trike Goes the Distance


Google Street View is a great utility to for viewing places you wouldn’t normally visit or to find out exactly where you need to travel. To get these wonderful views equipment has to be attached to a car. However a car can only go limited places. Why stop using the Street View technology with just a car? Google like the equipment so much, which is why they created the Street View Trike back in late 2009. Here’s a short video of the Trike:

The Trike has already been around the world and can go in much narrower spaces than a car could. Now Google has added more places to go in Google Street View. To go to these places you’d typically have to look them up on the web for pictures or videos, but now you can view them in 360degrees right from your own living room.

The Street View Trike has already seen its fair share of places such as:

Google is always looking for new places to for the Street View Trike to go. Land and property owners can sign up for the Street View Partner Program to get their place triked out by Google Street View.