Ditch the Wedding Planner, Use Google Instead


Planning for a wedding can be a long, painstaking progress for couples and their families. This process typically includes spending lots of money on wedding papers, books, and the sort. The wedding planning process has now been simplified by Google. Google has teamed up with New York’s world renowned wedding planner, Michelle Rago, to assist couples in their wedding planning process. Google’s new Weddings section includes a variety of resources needed for planning a wedding. No longer do you have to go to the book store and buy a wedding planning guide, you can just check out all of the sources Google and Rago have provided.

Some of the main features of Google Weddings include the ability to create your own wedding site, the use of Picnik to create wedding cards and plenty of Google docs with important wedding information. This isn’t really a whole new service for Google, but rather a collaboration of all of their services geared wedding planners. There are a lot of helpful documents and guides to help you along the wedding planning process, such as a budget planner, guest list, address book, seating chart and more.

To help promote the website, Google is giving away a $25,000 dream wedding designed by Michelle Rago for those having a wedding within the next year. Check out the website and enter the drawing if you plan on getting married or even engaged soon.