Google Instant Now Available on iPhone. Here’s How to Disable It

Two months ago Google unveiled Google Instant, which provides instant search results as a user enters a search query. Today Google updated search for mobile phones, specifically the iPhone (Android users have been able to use Google Instant since last week). If you’re a fan of Google Instant, I hope you enjoy the new feature, however if it becomes annoying all you have to do is disable it in the Google Search homepage on your mobile phone. Check out the screenshots below to see Google Instant in action.

Google Instant on the iPhone


1. Turn Google Instant on or off by tapping on the Turn on/Turn off link.

To use Google Instant simply begin typing your search query and the results will automatically begin to appear as you type.

Will you disable Instant on your mobile phone? How do you like Instant on the desktop so far? Your comments are welcome below.