Google Finally Releases Docs App for Mobile Phones


After many awaited years of bad mobile document editing, Google has finally released a new Google Docs App for Android.  The app, available only in English and on Android 2.1+ phones, allows you to easily find any document connected to your Google account and edit them with ease, right on your phone. You can even share your documents with others with a few taps of the phone.

One of the most interesting and notable features is the ability to take pictures with your phones camera and turn it into a readable, editable document. Using OCR (optical character recognition), your phone can create a document from a photo. OCR isn’t perfect, but it’s always being tweaked, so don’t expect it to read your doctor’s note.

You can also use the Google Docs for Android app to have a permanent widget to your phones home screen. The widget sits near the top of the phone and allows you to access Google Docs, go to your starred documents, taking a photo with your phones camera, and opening up a new document.