Google Brings More Enterprise Friendly Features to Android


With an adoption of 300,000 new devices per day, the Android  platform is expanding at an exceeding rate. A lot of these new devices include enterprise solutions for many businesses. However, the Android platform hasn’t always been the best enterprise platform, but this is changing. Google has helped add some more business friendly features over the past year and are now providing three more useful updates for enterprises.

The first new update is a new version of the Google Apps Device Policy app, allowing users to quickly get a lost or stolen device back in their hands by giving them the tools to find it. Tools include a map pinpoint, turn on the ringer and resetting the PIN/password. Android 2.2+ users can do all of this via the web at the new My Devices site.

The second update gives Google Apps admins data encryption on their devices. Only devices uses the Google Apps Device Policy App 2.0 will be able to use data encryption, which will also be required on Android 3.0 tablets.

The third and final enterprise update includes a new Google Apps Lookup, making it ideal for finding business contacts. You can call, text, IM or email any of your contacts when your contacts are shared in the Google Apps directory. This is only available on devices running Android 2.1+ and needs to be enabled by administrators.