Is Google Going After Amazon’s Business?


There’s no doubt that Amazon is one of the most popular buying websites on the web, so it isn’t a surprise that a big company like Google would be going after some of the online shopping market. Google is trying to take over online shopping with its shopping feature on its website along with many other business models, but one of the most unique and probably unheard of methods is the Google Commerce Search. Today, Google has released Google Commerce Search 3.0, a unique updated platform for ecommerce websites to help enhance user’s search.

Google Commerce Search was first released in early November 2009 and was quickly adapted by a few websites. Woodcraft Supply, and were some of the first to adapt and see improvements. Woodcraft saw a 34% increase in search revenue, while BabyAge saw a 64% increase in the same area. HealthWarehouse also had a 19% increase in online conversions, which might not seem like a lot for some, but it really is when you’re talking about online conversions.

New companies like Forever 21, GNC and L’Occitane are beginning to implement Google Commerce Search 3.0, which has new features such as Search as You Type, Local Product Availability, Enhanced Merchandising and Product Recommendations. The most notable change is the Search as You Type feature which will quickly and accurately display related products underneath the search box as you type. This new feature is similar to Amazon’s search bar, but takes it to one step further by showing products, pricing and photos of related products.

Here’s a short story Google produced about the new product: