Forget Foursquare or Facebook Check-ins Use Longitude Instead


Google upped its feature filled Google Latitude last month by opening up check-in offers for 60 places in Texas to test out their new check-in system to try and compete with both Foursquare and Facebook. They now have expanded their check-in offers for some of the most popular businesses all across the country. Businesses include Quiznos, American Eagle Outfitters, Arbys, Macy’s, Famous Footwear and many others.

People who check-in often will gain incentives for various status levels. The more you check-in to a place the higher your status level will be and thus the bigger the incentive. For example the first American Eagle status level is an AE Bronze Shopper, which will allow you to redeem a 10% off coupon for your entire purchase. Going up you have the AE Silver and AE Gold Shopper levels with 15% and 20% off respectively. Businesses can add their own incentives and control the amount of check-ins needed to gain a new status level.

To see if a participating company is nearby you navigate to check-in to see what offers are available and at what places around you.  You can enter your zip code, address or city to find exactly what’s around you.