Help Fix Americas Debt Using Excel 2010 and PowerPivot


If you haven’t been stuck under a rock for a while, then you should be well aware that America is in debt. Politicians have their own way of configuring numbers to help manage debt, of which many people don’t agree upon. However, one author, Tyler Chessman, of the book Understanding the United States Debt has another way of fixing the debt problem. Now you’re thinking, what does America’s debt have to do with technology? Tyler has used technology such as Excel 2010, the PowerPivot add-in, and free public data to figure out how to fix Americas debt.

PowerPivot allows you to connect any data source to create a user-friendly tool. In this case, Tyler has used the free PowerPivot add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010 to create this interactive spreadsheet to help illustrate a way to fix America’s debt. Check out the spreadsheet for yourself to find out ways to fix the debt or see what Tyler thinks about his findings with this technology package when he sat down with Bruno Aziza, Director for Microsoft Business Intelligence: