Find the Flights You Actually Want with Hipmunk

Are you looking for a way to find flights without the hassle? On other search sites like Kayak, Bing, and others you run into search results that span several pages, 10 hour flights between Miami and New York…as a sane human being why would I want to sit in a plane for 10 hours for a 2-3 hour flight or better yet sit at an airport for hours on end waiting on a connecting flight. Hipmunk promises to fix the flight search problem.

Hipmunk is a Y Combinator startup that finds flights you actually want to take and makes it real easy to visually identify which flights are the best. In this case the pictures can speak louder than words so check out the screenshots below to become familiar with this really cool service.

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The Hipmunk homepage where you can enter flight details.


Once search results are loaded you will notice that they are first sorted by agony. Agony it seems are the shortest flights with the least amount of layovers and stops. I think price is also a factor in the agony list, but I can’t confirm it. Agony is only one of the sorting options available, you can also sort by price, stops, departure time, arrival time, and duration. Each sorting option using that same visual table to display the search results compared to one another.


You will notice how flights with stops and layovers will list the airport for the connection between flights. So it makes it real easy to spot connecting flights and compare flight lengths between other flights in the results list.

So what do I think? So far the service is quick and helped me find flights for several trips I taking this year and next, the only thing I noticed when I performed the searches was that American Airlines and Southwest Airlines flights did not appear in the search results. I’ve reached out to the folks at Hipmunk and they stated that Southwest doesn’t allow the use of a data feed for flight search sights, and they are working with Orbitz to fix the American Airlines feed. I am also hoping that they give users more than one option for booking their flights. It appears that is the only provider at the time of this writing.