Download YouTube, Vimeo, and Metacafe Videos in HD with Keep Tube

Looking for a quick and easy way to download your favorite videos in high definition? With Keep Tube you can do that and more. Keep Tube is a website which allows users to download videos for later use from the following websites:

For more details about formats and quality available, check out the Supported Websites section at the end of this article.

Keep Tube works similar to other websites that offer the same feature except that Keep Tube gives you various download options and the ability to select the quality of the videos to download (including HD). You can use Keep Tube with the Firefox add-on (tutorial below), copy and paste URL, a bookmarklet, and direct downloads.

Note: I used Firefox 3.6 and Keep Tube 1.2 for this tutorial. The video I used for this tutorials is Lisa Lavie performing “Unthinkable”.

Install the Keep Tube Add-on for Firefox

1. Go to the Keep Tube add-on page.


2. Click on the Add to Firefox button.


3. When prompted by Firefox, click Install Now to continue the installation.


4. After the installation is completed, click on the Restart Firefox button.


A. When Firefox restarts you will notice that there will be a Keep Tube icon in the Status Bar.


B. If you visit a supported website you will notice that a Download (Keep Tube) button will appear.

Download Videos with Keep Tube

Before proceeding, go to YouTube and play one of your favorite videos.


1. Click on the Download button.


2. You will be re-directed to the Keep Tube website where you will be provided with various download options. Click on the quality and size you wish to download the video in.


3. The download box will appear, select Save File.

4. Click OK to begin the download.


Download in progress…


Once downloaded, open the video file in your favorite media player and enjoy your video offline.

Note: The first time you use Keep Tube you may see the following warning.


Supported Websites


Screenshot of supported websites from Keep Tube website.