How to Disable Google Instant Search

Google Instant provides you with instant search results as you type. However if you find the latest update to Google Search a bit of an information overload or you simply prefer one page to perform the search and the other with search results, the guide below will show you to disable Google Instant so that you can get back to traditional searching.


Comparison of traditional Google Search and Google Instant.

Note: In order for your preferences to be saved you have to make sure you have cookies enabled or you are signed-in to your Google account.


1. Click on the Settings link located on the top-right corner of the Google Search page.

2. Click on Search Settings from the list.


3. When the Search Settings page opens scroll down until you find the Google Instant section.

4. Click on Do no use Google Instant.

5. Click on Save Preferences to save the changes.

If you wish to revert to using Google Instant just follow the instructions above and in Step 4 click on Use Google Instant instead.

How do you like Google Instant so far?