Delete Flash Cookies in Internet Explorer with Flash 10.3


A little over a week ago, we announced that Chrome had implemented the ability to delete flash cookies within the browser, shortly after Adobe released the update for Flash Player 10.3, and now we’re starting to see this expand to other browsers. Now Microsoft is announcing that Flash cookies will now be deleted in both IE8 and IE9, assuming you’re using the latest version of Flash Player, 10.3. When they released IE8, Microsoft integrated some APIs, so that add-ons, like Flash, could respond with Delete Browsing History and InPrivate Browsing. This would and now does allow you to delete Flash cookies with your standard deletion of browser cookies inside Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

Microsoft has a “test drive” page where you can use either IE8 or IE9 to create and delete Flash cookies if you currently don’t use the browser. The demo is pretty interesting and shows how deleting browser cookies, now will delete Flash cookies as well, assuming you’re using Flash Player 10.3.