Most Useful Business Apps for 2012-2013


Many smartphone users are beginning to look beyond the social interactions of voice communication, texting, tweeting, Facebook, games or sending out that potential viral video and have begun investigating the iPhone’s potential for business applications.

Many small business owners and larger business managers with mobile or regionally based employees have found that much work can be accomplished with free or inexpensive mobile software applications, or “apps”.

These business apps can provide simple calendar synching or allow users to grab data from their business computer for viewing, editing and storing text and data. Business apps can help users make the most of their time and technology while away from their office for business or pleasure.

If you own an iPhone or smartphone and are not using business apps, you are missing out. Check out a few of these potentially useful apps, listed below. Some may be especially useful for your business needs!

Quickoffice Pro

Most business use some form of office software that bundles together word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Additionally, these documents are used for collaboration and communication between employees and outside consultants. Often, if a Microsoft Word document is involved, you can receive and view it by email on your mobile phone, but cannot edit it.

A small investment in Quickoffice Pro for iPhone overcomes this shortcoming by allowing editing of Microsoft Word and Excel documents. These documents can be easily exchanged for editing or can be used to provide the latest sales pitch, prices or sales numbers for a sales presentation.

Download Quickoffice Pro from iTunes.


An application designed for business presentations, mbPointer is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint (2003/2007/Mac 2008) and serves as a remote pointer during presentation of any slide show. This app can help navigate a sales pitch to a client, go through a company’s outlook for investors or help you outline company goals with your staff.

The mbPointer app uses a Wi-Fi connection to any presentation computer on which the included receiver software application has been installed. With mbPointer your phone can act as a PowerPoint remote a virtual pad to completely navigate through your slide show.

Download mbPointer from iTunes.

Google Analytics

For many businesses, the beginning of any daily task is accessing and analyzing traffic data on websites and blogs crucial to business success. The best available tool for this purpose is Google Analytics.

With your iPhone or smartphone and the Analytics App, your Google Analytics account is available almost anywhere and anytime with access to all your sites.

Check different Google Analytics accounts by changing the login info and view the data over thirty available reports including data checks for today or over the last 30 days. Access overview, visitor, traffic, content and event tracking pages to find out what keywords, search engines and websites are sending you traffic with custom reports from multiple accounts to determine your RIOs.

Download Analytics App from iTunes.

eBay Mobile

Whether you are just an occasional eBay buyer or seller or full time e-bay entrepreneur, this app is an indispensable tool for auction tracking to keep on top of bids and new items when away from your business computer.

Developed by eBay, this app has the excellent compatibility and stability you will need during those crucial last minutes of the bidding process. However, if you win an auction, you will have to pay from your computer.

Download eBay Mobile from iTunes.


Evernote is an app that serves the individual by taking notes of your ideas and meeting reminders for your personal use and for the businessman this app features sharing options for collaboration with employees and clients.

Moreover, Evernote adds your iPhone items and notes to the Evernote’s Web version and your PC or Mac for harmonious synchronization.

Download Evernote from iTunes.

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