Bing Takes the Hassle Out of Shopping Online


Shopping online is becoming more and more popular and search engines are providing helpful features to make a smoother shopping experience. Bing has now added a feature which will understand what you’re looking for in terms of price. Say you wanted to find a computer case for under $100, then you just simply type it in, no additional clicks required.

Bing Shopping also picks up more detailed queries like “computer cases between 100 and 150”.

Other than the example above, I couldn’t get Bing to find even further detailed results such as “computer cases less than 100 but more than 50”.

This new feature can be handy while on the go. You can say “computer cases under $100” into the Bing Mobile App to also search for a product. This makes it great for price comparison at brick and mortar stores.

It looks like Bing is sticking with a simplistic approach to its product search. Right now it’s only available in the US and currently only works for pricing queries. No words on any additional improvements.

To me, this is just a simplistic feature and probably not something I use. I think it’s just easier to select a price range on a sidebar, rather than to type it out. Perhaps I’m just used to doing things that way or maybe it’s because a more detail oriented person. Interesting feature, yes; practical, I still have yet to be convinced.