Bing Gets Entertainment and Real Time Updates


The Bing platform has seen its fair share of updates in recent months, providing its users with more helpful content. A lot of the updates seem to be focusing on social media aspects of the search engine, including the latest updates. Bing has now added a new feature to its News section which will give you real-time Twitter updates alongside your standard Bing News results. The results are found underneath the Most Recent section on the right sidebar.

The real-time Twitter streaming updates shows three results at a time and allows you to pause them if you find an interesting Tweet. A “More Updates” button will give you additional updates either shown by Most Recent or by Best Matching results.

In addition to the real-time Twitter update, Bing has also added an additional social media update by making more Facebook additions to the Entertainment section of Bing. This update includes movies, music and television and allows you to share “What’s on your mind?” right on a certain entertainment page. This post will get instantly posted on your Facebook page for all of your friends to see.

These two minor updates and numerous previous updates to Bing are making Bing more of a social platform than the social media sites themselves. How far will Bing go to fit in with the social mediasphere?