Access Paid Content Quickly and Easily With Google One Pass


Earlier this week Google released another service which challenges Apple’s in-App subscription service. Google One Pass is a service which allows publishers to share digital content easily and within their own price limits. One Pass creates a medium for content which can be accessed through a single login on any device.  This allows users to read the content they purchased on any device they feel necessary without having the hassle of authenticating every device to read content they own.

Publishers have the ability to charge however much they want and when they want, with payments being made through Google Checkout. They can also offer free content and allow their hard copy readers access the publisher’s digital content for free. One Pass allows for publishers to experiment with the service, allowing them to find what will work best for them.

Publishers like Axel Springer AG, Media General, Popular Science and others have already jumped on the One Pass bandwagon. The service is currently available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with an expected expansion in the upcoming months. Google is really trying to make it easy for publishers to share content across many mediums by handling most of the work. No word yet on any fees associated with One Pass.

Check out the short commercial for Google One Pass: