10 iPhone Applications For Travelers


Did you know that there are hundreds of iPhone apps for the traveler that you can download and use on the go? If you are an avid traveler or camper, there are apps that can help you pack your bag, locate a rest stop while on a road trip, translate foreign language road signs, make hotel reservations and navigate complex subways in a strange metropolitan city! Whatever be your need of the moment, there’s an iPhone app that fits it.

Here’s a list of 10 great iPhone apps for your traveling needs.

1. MapQuest


You will never again pay for a navigation device when you use this free voice guided, turn by turn direction mapping app. With this app, you’ll get the same trusted directions that you get from MapQuest.com. Your phone will inform you when you need to make a turn, and will automatically adjust your route if you happen to take a wrong turn.

The app updates itself every five minutes to ensure you’re on the right route to get to your destination. You can also use this tool to search for restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, and rest stops on your road trip with a single click. For more information about this application, click here.

2. AroundMe


Download this app and you’ll never be at a loss to locate necessary services wherever you are. It’s tough to know where your bank’s branch is located in a strange city, when you’re on the road. Sometimes you’ll run out of gas and you’ll want to know where the nearest gas station is.

The same applies to movie theatres, recreational centers and a whole lot of services that you’ll feel the need for. For more information about this application, click here.

3. Kayak


Kayak allows you to search for the best airfares and hotels when you’re traveling. Use this app to book a reservation online or to directly call an airline or hotel. The basic facilities are free but the paid version of Kayak helps you search for first class and business class airfares. For more information about Kayak, click here.

4. Travelocity


This is an all in one app that allows you to book your travel, view trip information including trip itineraries, check out hotels via an interactive map and also review TSA security wait times.

You can also use this app to get great deals based on your destination. For more information about this application, click here.

5. Flight Track Live


There’s nothing that causes more stress than a delayed flight. Here’s an app that lets you have a quick grasp of flight delays. Track any late flight and ensure that you make your destination on time with this innovative app. For more information about this application, click here.

6. Tripit


You will stay organized with all your trip details in one place when you use this app. You can import email, travel and trip information from your Gmail account to Tripit and refer to it while on the move. For more information about this application, click here.

7. The Weather Channel


This app allows you to check the weather in any city. Knowing the weather conditions in advance is a great value add for business travelers to pack the right clothes for a trip. For more information about this application, click here.

8. Babelingo


One very challenging aspect for any traveler is to understand local phrases and colloquial terms. Here’s an app that translates locates phrases and topics that are specifically useful for travelers. This app actually offers visual translations in type so that you can show it to the person with whom you want to communicate. For more information about this application, click here.

9. Whizzer


This app helps you with a problem that all road trip travelers face; locating a restroom while traveling. Never be at a loss to find the nearest restroom with this handy app. For more information about this application, click here.

10. AAARoadside


Do you struggle to find the phone number of a pickup service when your car breaks down on a road trip? No matter where you are, use this app to send a roadside assistance request. The app will ensure that the request is sent to the correct people and you will receive prompt help. For more information about this application, click here.

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