Weekly Wallpaper: Summer Vacations

    As summer begins families across the world prepare themselves for vacation plans especially Americans looking to celebrate July 4th this weekend.

    I’ve put together this group of images to give you something to look forward to this summer vacation.

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    Summer Beach Boy

    Weekly wallpaper summer boy beach

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit CubaGallery.

    Beach Sky

    Weekly wallpaper summer man boardwalk

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit CubaGallery.

    Summer Afternoon

    Weekly wallpaper summer day

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit karenmeyere.


    Weekly wallpaper summer vacation

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit Vlad Glevob.

    Vacation Thrill

    Weekly wallpaper summer vacation thrill

    Download wallpaper / Photo Credit ClaudiaM.

    All images credited to respective Flickr users, please note that some of the images are copyrighted and may require permission/purchase for you to download.