Weekly Wallpaper: Natural Wonders – The Grand Canyon

    This week we are going to take a break from our world tour of cities and focus instead on natural landmarks around the world.

    To kick off the landmark wallpapers, we decided to go with one of the most breath-taking landmarks in the world, the Grand Canyon.

    Unfortunately pictures will never do justice to the absolute awesomeness of the canyon, but they’ll do for those who can’t make it out there. Get inspired for your next trip and visit this remarkable landmark.

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    Horseshoe Bend

    Weekly wallpaper grand canyon horseshoe bend

    Download wallpaper / Photo credit Dan Anderson.


    Weekly wallpaper grand canyon

    Download wallpaper / Photo credit Leviathor.

    Colors of the Earth

    Weekly wallpaper grand canyon colours

    Download wallpaper / Photo credit Olibac.

    Thunderstorm in the Canyon

    Weekly wallpaper grand canyon thunderstorm

    Download wallpaper / Photo credit gigilivorno.

    Orange Juice Skies

    Weekly wallpaper grand canyon orange juice skies

    Download wallpaper / Photo credit Leviathor.

    All images credited to respective Flickr users, please note that some of the images are copyrighted and may require permission/purchase for you to download.