Weekly App: Manage Projects & Your Life for Free with Weave

    I am a dedicated user of tools like Billings, Informant HD and ToodleDo to manage work projects and my life. However, when I stumbled upon Intuit’s free Weave app for the iPhone, I wished I had found it sooner.

    Although it is not a Billings replacement, it does heck of a job in maintaining project progress and extensive task lists. The application is easy to use and real easy on the eyes.

    Weave app iphone 1

    With Weave you can do the following:

    • Add todos with notes, due dates, and project tags.
    • View a list of your complete and incomplete tasks.
    • Add information to tasks including notes, time spent, money made, money spent, and associated projects.
    • Receive a daily alert when you have upcoming todos
    • Easily add income and expenses while you’re on the go
    • See your progress on each project, quickly know what’s left to do, how much time you spent on a project with a new client, and how much money you made on a big project.
    • View all active projects and todos from the My Day screen.
    • Your todos and other data are backed up securely on Intuit’s servers.

    Download Weave from the App Store for free.

    Compatible with iOS 4 powered iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.