Can You Keep Up With Technology?


It’s a pretty hard thing to do today, mainly because technology is advancing at breakneck speeds which we cannot hope to keep pace with. No sooner have we invested in the latest innovation than the next one is out; no sooner have we understood one kind of technology than it becomes almost obsolete; and no sooner has one gadget become the rage than the next one comes along to steal its thunder. So if you’re a gadget geek, how then are you supposed to keep up with technology? How are you supposed to justify learning about and trying to understand something that is bound to become obsolete in a matter of months? And how are you supposed to be satisfied with the older version when newer technology is being introduced every few days?

The answer to all these questions lies in moderation and trading off, because technology is not just about innovation, it’s also about cost for the consumer. Think of what would happen if you were to go on a buying spree and snap up every new gadget that was introduced on the market just because it is a newer and better version – unless you’re a millionaire looking to blow away all the money you have, you’re going to end up deep in the red. Also, you would go mad trying to keep track of all the innovations that are taking place and fretting over the ones you let slip away.

The key to keeping up with technology and being satisfied with the gadgets you own is to:

  • Before buying new gadgets, ask yourself if you’re really going to use all the features that the new technology is endowed with. If you’re going to buy the gadget just as a status symbol, it’s not worth spending your money on it, simply because a newer one is going to come along in a few months. However, familiarize yourself with the technology so that you’re able to hold your own in any discussion related to it.
  • One of the best things about technology is that if you understand one kind, it’s easy to familiarize yourself with most kinds, whether they’re contemporary or advanced models. So even if you’re tempted to buy the gadget just to explore the technology, it’s best to find someone who owns the device, put it through the paces, and then decide whether it’s worth ditching your old device and buying the new one.
  • Wait for the flaws to be ironed about before rushing out to buy new technology; very often, the first versions have bugs that have be found, reported, and corrected. So if you wait a while, you’re bound to get something better and more sophisticated.

The thing about technology is that it is definitely going to get smaller, more sophisticated, and provide more conveniences than ever before. And if you pace yourself and pick and choose the ones you really need and which will benefit you the most, you’ll find that you don’t mind that you cannot keep pace with technology.

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Image credit SpiderRat (Flickr).