Mac OS X Guides, Tips, and Information

In its latest incarnation, Mac OS X Lion brings the best of the mobile experience and combines it with the power and robustness of Mac OS.

Wether you are new to Mac OS X or are an experienced Mac user new to Lion, you will find the collection of guides below indispensable.

Here we will cover Mac basics as well as advanced topics so make sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

All guides were created using Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) unless specified otherwise.

Mac OS X Table of Contents

In order to make this page as simple to navigate as possible I have sorted all the guides into the topic areas listed below.

To learn about a specific topic, click the topic link and you will be taken to the section of the page containing a list of articles/guides related to the topic.

I have also included a Back to Top link for each topic so that you can get back to this section and explore other topic areas.

Getting Started with Mac OS X Lion (Mac Basics)

Whether you are new to Mac OS or recently upgraded to Lion, you will find the collection of articles below a great resource to learn something new about Mac OS X.

Managing Files & Folders

Now that you have a basic understanding of your Mac and how it works, it is time we learn how to manage files, folders, and Apps.

Customize the Finder

The Finder is where it all happens. Get to know your Mac’s easy-to-use interface and conquer the world of computing.

The guides below will show you how to customize and make the most of Finder.

Edit & Share Photos on Your Mac

With their glossy screens, pictures never looked better. Take advantage of your Mac’s high-end screens to edit photos and print those memorable vacations on books, cards, and more with iPhoto.

Create, Edit and Share Videos on Your Mac

One of the most powerful apps in the iLife suite is iMovie. In this section you will find guides that will show you how to use iMovie to edit those special moments.

We will also show you how to use QuickTime for basic video editing and sharing on the web.


QuickTime Player

Be Productive with Your Mac

The following guides will provide you with some great tips and information to keep yourself productive on your Mac.


iCal for Mac

PDFs on Your Mac


Privacy & Security

In this day and age privacy and security should be one of your top priorities, especially if you are using a mobile Mac.

In this section you will find guides that will show you how to keep your data secured and protect your privacy.

Maintain Your Mac

Although Macs are pretty reliable machines there may come a time when you run into an issue or two.

If you find yourself in a situation where your Mac died or it is not performing how it used to you may want to check out one of the guides below to make sure you back up and keep your Mac running like new.

Need help with something that is not listed here? Check out our Questions & Answers website and post your question for free tech support.