Bridge Sentence Definition, Types, and Examples


The second paragraph is important because it bridges the introductory paragraph and the rest of the essay. As the bridge, it contains the strongest argument, example, or information of the essay. To squelching students’ individual creativity and their natural desire to want to express their own personal senses of style, a mandated dress code at school is also a flagrant violation of young people’s’ civil rights. In addition, to squelching students’ individual creativity and their natural desire to want to express their own personal senses of style, a mandated dress code at school is also a flagrant violation of young people’s’ civil rights. “According to” allow writers to smoothly transition into their quotes, facts, and other evidence.

bridge sentence examples essay

Most PB and J aficionados prefer a simple, thin and soft white or wheat bread. Pepperidge farm plain white bread is considered by some to be the best choice. Dr. Thoms evidence clearly shows the devastating toxicity of rattlesnake venom. A well-written piece of advocacy should be easy to read; the thoughts and ideas presented should flow seamlessly from one to the next. Whether it was desired to build a railway bridge, disable a locomotive or cut a canal, the engineers were always ready with some happy expedient.

How long is a 3 paragraph essay?

Conclusive bridge type – as the name suggests, this bridge type is used in conclusive paragraphs. When you want to sum up things, to draw a punch line or a bottom line – you use conclusive transitions. One cannot speak of a good bridge in an essay without referring to a conclusive transition. To make this connection type complete, writers may use such transition words and phrases as “in conclusion”, “to sum up”, “the key takeaway is…”, “ultimately”, “in the end”, “essentially”, the bottom line is…”, “ultimately”.

To transition from the first paragraph to the second paragraph, write a topic sentence that includes relationship words. Relationship words show how the main ideas of each paragraph connect to each other. To write the second paragraph, transition from the first paragraph with a topic sentence, explain your reasoning, and use evidence to support that reasoning. With these steps, you can write a second paragraph in no time!

Topic Sentence Examples

The primary reason college should be free is that it would boost the economy. High levels of student debt can cause them to stop buying houses, investing in businesses, or spending money on travel. According to Gallup, student debt has become the largest form of personal debt in the U.S. Recent studies have found young people are not spending on homes or travel like previous generations. Many of them are postponing large purchases due to student debt. If the government paid for college, more people would be able to make large purchases and boost the economy. Complex sentences.Topic sentences at the beginning of a paragraph frequently combine with a transition from the previous paragraph.

bridge sentence examples essay

In railway work an ” overbridge ” is a bridge over the railway, and an ” underbridge ” is a bridge carrying the railway. A ” culvert ” is a bridge of small span giving passage to drainage. Perhaps the Pont de Broel, with its towers at either end of the bridge, is as characteristic and complete as any monument of ancient Flanders that has come down to modern times. The circuit of the electro-magnet is made and broken by the vibration of the fork in different ways – say, by a wire bridge attached to the lower prong which dips into and lifts out of two mercury cups. The town was evidently governed by bailiffs in 1401, when the “bailiffs and good men” received a grant of pontage for the repair of the bridge called “Assheconbrigge,” but the town was never incorporated and never sent members to parliament. It was from Bauli to Puteoli that Caligula built his bridge of boats.

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Every paragraph has its own—or at least should have its own—topic. Every point you make needs a related piece of evidence to back it up. The reader asks you “how so?” They want to know how you know this.

Next come a few sentences for development and support, elaborating on the topic with more detail. Paragraphs end with a conclusion sentence that summarizes the topic or presents one final piece of support to wrap up. The author makes sure the reader understands the main argument of the paragraph by restating it before moving on. However, the author does not simply reproduce his initial contention that Swift undermines Gulliver’s antihumanism at the end of Gulliver’s Travels.

Building Bridges Between Your Paragraphs

To assist you with this, the POP will always be automatically listed at the top of each body paragraph in the “talk about” section. The transitional bridge, “Consider the following lines from the poem” is taken directly from the sentence starter menu located in the pulldown menu of the research detail writing frame. One option the writer has in this situation is to simply begin with a research detail sentence what does argumentative essay mean starter, using the pull-down described earlier. Just choose a starter that you like and then proceed with the new evidence or commentary. In this case, adding the extra bridge writing frame is not necessary. Responses that feature more than one research detail or interpretation usually require another short bridge. In this case, you may want to add a new bridge writing frame using the action icon.

Act as a diversion to some other issue that is not related to the main purpose of the paper. Act as a transition between the last paragraph and the one you are just now beginning. If the following sentences, however, go on to describe the woman sitting by the magazine rack, or the poster on the wall opposite the room, or the nurse behind the counter, something is off. The main goal, however, should be the same no matter what the sentence looks like.

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“in conflict with the First Amendment, school uniform policies create instead an environment of sterilized uniformity scrubbed of the diversity so prized by our founding fathers. Undoubtedly, forcing students to wear school uniforms if they do not wish to is a crass violation of their basic constitutional rights.

  • Whatever type of bridge is adopted, the engineer has to ascertain the loads to be carried, and to proportion the parts so that the stresses due to the loads do not exceed limits found by experience to be safe.
  • A topic bridge sentence should follow a hook and a few introductory sentences, which don’t carry any significant meaning.
  • It is situated on the Findhorn, which sweeps past the town and is crossed by a suspension bridge about a mile to the W., 11 m.
  • In this type of example, the topic sentence comes in the middle of the paragraph.

The entire paragraph should push toward proving a single idea. In other words, its analysis should move in one direction toward proving the claim laid out in the topic sentence. If it begins with one focus or major point for discussion, it should not end with another or wander within different ideas. A topic sentence, unlike a thesis statement, doesn’t have to present an argument. It can present a “preview” of what the paragraph will argue or discuss. The features of a second paragraph are 1) a topic sentence, 2) an explanation of reasoning, 3) evidence to support that reasoning, and 4) a transition to the third paragraph. Now that you have a topic sentence, it’s time to explain your ideas.

What exactly is a bridge sentence?

The transitional paragraph is a useful device for achieving coherence between paragraphs and groups of paragraphs.” The essays in our library are intended to serve as content examples to inspire you as you write your own essay.

  • Transitions are verbal bridges that use language to make the logical movement and structure of an essay clear to the reader.
  • A stone bridge, consisting of seventeen arches, was built in 1485 over the river, and made a county bridge under James I.
  • …Certainly, many people played a role in the tragedy, but one person seems more culpable than all the others.
  • For example, starting off a new paragraph with a word like “therefore” or “similarly” usually can’t introduce the following information sufficiently.
  • Overhead railways are virtually continuous bridge constructions, and much attention has been given to a study of the special conditions appertaining to that case.

When in 1845 the plans for carrying the Chester and Holyhead railway over the Menai Straits were considered, the conditions imposed by the admiralty in the interests of navigation involved the adoption of a new type of bridge. A later bridge, the Manhattan, is designed to carry four railway tracks and four tramway lines, with a wide roadway and footpaths, supported by cables 214 in. The Brooklyn bridge, begun in 1872, has a centre span of and side spans of 930 ft. Other bridges built soon after were the Fribourg bridge of 870 ft.

Ways of making logical connections and transitions

This also contains great sentence starters for the second paragraph. It starts with a topic sentence that connects to the thesis statement . It includes sentences that explain the reasoning behind the topic sentence. The final sentence prepares the reader for the upcoming third paragraph. Topic sentences bridge sentence examples essay and signposts make an essay’s claims clear to a reader. Good essays contain both.Topic sentencesreveal the main point of a paragraph. They show the relationship of each paragraph to the essay’s thesis, telegraph the point of a paragraph, and tell your reader what to expect in the paragraph that follows.

bridge sentence examples essay

The main idea of every paragraph should be expressed by its topic sentence. A support sentence is a sentence that supports the main argument of a paragraph. Support sentences explain the logic of the argument for the reader to follow along. Below is a list of relationship words and phrases that are helpful to use as sentence starters.

Essay Examples

It adds cohesion to a paper and helps organize ideas both within the paragraph and the whole body of work at large. As the topic sentence encapsulates the idea of the paragraph, serving as a sub-thesis, it remains general enough to cover the support given in the body paragraph while being more direct than the thesis of the paper. Opening bridge sentences are the first sentences in each paragraph. They serve the purpose of connecting each new paragraph with the previous one. Unlike the topic sentences, opening sentences don’t define the theme for all paragraphs in an essay. Transitions are verbal bridges that use language to make the logical movement and structure of an essay clear to the reader.

bridge sentence examples essay